Serel Helios Series

SEREL Ceramic Enhances the Bathroom Experience with Comfort

Introducing the new design SEREL Helios Series, which offers functional solutions for different needs and spaces in all bathrooms. SEREL Helios, adding captivating alternative forms to the bowl basin, provides maximum flexibility to architects who are the creators of our living spaces by offering a new generation of modularity with different usage scenarios. Specially designed with a unique shelf, two different modules can be connected to each other to create an endless loop, and a unique harmony of modules can be used together to meet the needs. This results in a modern combination that both children and adults can use simultaneously. Catering to the needs of all family members, the SEREL Helios series offers users the opportunity to make their bathrooms functional by providing various choices in product alternatives.

At the same time, merging high design quality and leading craftsmanship with creative excellence, SEREL Ceramic was honored with the "Bronze Award" in the "A Design Award 2016" design competition for its dazzling and modern Helios Series, showcasing different styles and combinations.

Serel Helios PRODUCTS