Performing production of ceramic sanitary ware with SEREL brand for 30 years, our company is affiliated to the ELGİNKAN Community. Not compromising on quality, SEREL is among the leading companies in the world that offers years of experience with savings, health, aesthetics and comfort featured products in world markets with professional management mentality.

Having a rigorous, innovative and leading approach in its product development activities, SEREL protects all details of user needs in its product development works and gives to life unique designs.

With its wide product range, SEREL ranks among the brands to be supported by Turquality, which is the single state supported branding program of the world.

Creating human and environmental friendly products by ensuring water and energy saving while preventing overuse of the precious and limited resources in the world is one of the principles of SEREL.

SEREL continues its activities by applying TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Management System, TS EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, TS ISO 45001 Work Health and Safety and TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction norms. 

SEREL is adding new technologies every day to those that provide added value to ceramic sanitary ware in its product range. R&D works such as water saving water closets, Extraclean surface technology that prevents showing of dirt on surfaces, glaze technology preventing formation of bacteria on surface, anti-bacterial featured 'SEREL' toilet covers and 'Hands Free Cleansing System' integrated on the water closet are among works of SEREL that aims to offer the final user the best all the time.

SEREL will remain loyal to its word 'Together for Years' by preserving its sensitivity to the environment and life and with its contemporary and original designs, its sensitivity regarding water and energy saving, customer oriented thinking and acting, and its indispensable quality.