“Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards”, which was organized for the 3rd time this year within the scope of TURQUALITY® program, found its owners with the ceremony held in Haliç Congress Center in November 30 2012. Worldwide famous design experts assessed 410 applications, which passed pre-selection, and 90 of them received Fine Design and 14 of them received “Superior Design Award”. 2 of 19 Conceptual Design applications received award.

Organized as a TURQUALITY® program activity under the cooperation of T.E. Ministry of Economy, Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TİM) and Industrial Designers’ Society of Turkey (ETMK), “Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards” were given with a ceremony held in Haliç Congress Center.

410 applications from 13 sectors 13

A total of 410 applications were made this year to "Design Turkey Industrial Design Awards", which is held in every two years in order to support branding works of TURQUALITY®.

90 of 365 industrial designs of worldwide famous design experts, which passed pre-selection, were deemed worthy of “Fine Design”, while 14 of them were deemed worthy of “Superior Design Award”. 2 of 19 Conceptual Design applications received award.

The highest participation in the project was from home furniture sector with 70 designs, which was followed by home and office equipment with 59 designs and packaging sector with 51 designs. 31 different sectors participated in the awards.

SEREL Amphora Series received “Fine Design Award”.

Designed by Zafer DOÐAN, Aldonat SUNAR, Metin Murat ELBEYLİ, Ali YILDIZ and Esin ÇIRALI, SEREL Amphora Series received “Fine Design Award.